Paige Pfleger | 2013-2015 Intern

Associate producer at WHYY’s health and science show, The Pulse

A graduate of the University of Michigan’s Residential College with a degree in communications, creative writing, and literature, Paige explains, “When I started working at Michigan Radio, I was really convinced I wanted to be a newspaper reporter.  I started working on the web team…  I fell in love with the culture at the station, but more than anything, I fell in love with the quality of the journalism.”

In the summer that followed her junior year at Michigan, Paige worked at a Nashville newspaper and realized how much she missed public radio.  When she returned to Ann Arbor for her senior year, she resumed her Michigan Radio internship, and she credits the station’s newsroom staff with helping her learn the radio and multimedia journalism skills that she still uses in her job today.

An internship at NPR headquarters following graduation led to her current position at WHYY in Philadelphia, home of Fresh Air with Terry Gross.  Paige proudly exclaims, “I can easily say I owe my career to Michigan Radio.”

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