Why Invest?

Endowment protects the future of Michigan Radio. Investment in securities creates a sustainable funding source, helping to ensure Michigan communities always have access to reliable news and information.

The Michigan Radio Future Fund is our general-purpose endowment.

Growing our endowment produces permanent resources for innovative programs, continuing education in journalism, and advances in media technology. It provides flexible funding to create new regional bureaus as well as offer competitive salaries that attract and retain the best journalists. The fund also allows us to make future improvements to facilities and other infrastructure.

Your contribution to the endowment will build the future of the station. It will provide the wherewithal and confidence for us to invest in multi-year programs that ensure you and your community remain informed by a superior news service.

True Financial Independence

As you may know, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) provides funding to stations annually via the Community Service Grant (CSG). For Michigan Radio, CSG dollars typically represent about 6% of our income annually. The CPB also helps to defray other expenses for public radio stations like ours, such as music license fees and satellite interconnection service, which means we do not have to make additional cash payments for these basic and necessary services.

We are very pleased to retain the value and continuity of the CPB-funded Community Service Grant; however, the CSG direct dollars and other indirect public support remain critical to our financial health.

Although we are proud of our CPB membership, growing our endowment brings us closer to true independence from these dollars, securing our service against the consequences of possible future changes to political sentiments toward public media.

For more information, contact us:

Call us at 734.764.9210 or email at endowment@michiganradio.org.