Your Michigan Radio Membership

How do I contact the Membership Team?

How do I make changes to my membership or correct errors in my account?

If my credit card changes, how do I update it in order to keep up with my Sustaining membership?

How much of my membership contribution is tax deductible?

When will I get confirmation of my gift or tax receipt?

Where is my tax receipt for my Michigan Radio gift?

I recently renewed my Michigan Radio membership, but I just received a renewal notice. Why?

I am a current member. Why are you mailing me a renewal letter before my "Renew" month?

Does my employer match my membership contribution?

Why does Michigan Radio need to have membership drives?

Thank-You Gifts

Why hasn't my thank-you gift arrived and how do I find out its status?

Donate a vehicle to Michigan Radio

How do I donate a vehicle to Michigan Radio?

How much of a deduction will I get?

I received a letter asking me to call a hotline and provide my social security number to receive my vehicle donation amount - is this legitimate?

I donated and did not receive (or have misplaced) my tax receipt. Can you resend it?

Other Ways to Give

How do I contribute to Michigan Radio through a gift of stock or securities?

How do I contribute to Michigan Radio through a will or living trust?

How do I begin my UM payroll deduction?

Other Questions

How much do members, businesses and government each contribute to the Michigan Radio operating budget?

How do I find the answer to a question that's not part of this list?

How does Michigan Radio survey its members to find out their opinions?

Why are new members offered thank-you gifts that weren't offered to me?

How do I sign up for Michigan Radio's e-mail newsletters?

I'm having problems streaming Michigan Radio on my phone, tablet, or computer. What do I do?

What is Michigan Radio's tax ID number?

Why did I get a tax receipt from the University of Michigan? I thought I made a gift to Michigan Radio.