How to be a Day Sponsor

daysponsor2How to be a Day Sponsor

Day sponsorships are available for a pledge of $365 or more. We schedule up to two Day Sponsors for each day, with each sponsor’s message alternating throughout the day. Each day sponsor’s message is read on-air six times during the day, typically at the top of the hour.



Endow Your Day Sponsorship!

Did you know you can become a “permanent” day sponsor on Michigan Radio? All it takes is a single gift of $7,500 to reserve an annual day of your choice. Your gift will become an invested part of Michigan Radio’s Future Fund endowment and will begin to pay dividends to the station from the very first year.

To learn more about how you and your family can celebrate that special anniversary or important event well into the future, contact Larry Jonas, Director of Development at (734) 763-3416 or


Some Rules:

• Day sponsorships are not available to businesses or organizations, and may not reference such.
• Day sponsor messages cannot be used for promotional purposes.
• FCC regulations prohibit day sponsor messages containing political or religious messages.

Additional day sponsorship guidelines can be found here.

Selecting Your Day:

Visit this page to begin the selection of you date(s) for day sponsorship and submit your proposed message(s).

We will respond to your request as soon as possible.  Requests left in the “Comments” section may not be properly routed to the membership department in time to guarantee a day sponsorship reservation. Michigan Radio reserves the right to reject messages that would compromise the station’s commitment to impartiality.

For more information on becoming a Michigan Radio Day Sponsor contact Alison Warren at:, (866) 203-1136.